Australian Pool Filter Covers

Pool Pump and Filter with a Great Looking Custom Made Aluminium Pool Filter Cover

Our harsh Australian sun can play havoc with the plastic coverings on your pool equipment. Your cell, pump housing, chlorinator and filter cover all contain plastic that will deteriorate from the UV rays in sunlight. One of our aluminium pool pump enclosures will give it a lifetime of protection, and look great while doing it.

Main Functions of a Pool Pump Shed

Our pool pump sheds have three main functions. First and foremost is protection for your pump and filter equipment from sunlight but this aim is closely followed by visual esthetics. As pool owners we spend thousands of dollars creating a beautiful landscape around our pools only to have this view spoiled by a bunch of ugly pipes, wires and boxes. This is where a pool filter cover comes in. It covers and hides this mess behind a great looking piece of outdoor furniture. These two functions are often aligned with the third benefit of a pool pump shed, noise reduction. Our pool pump enclosures can be lined with acoustic insulation that reduce and deaden pump noise. Obviously nothing can make your pump completely silent but adding acoustic lining to your pool filter cover will make a big difference.

While we are on protection, I’d like to share a quick insight with you. Many customers tell us they also want to make their pool pump shed waterproof and, while our aluminium pool filter boxes will keep the vast majority of rain water out, it’s not necessary. It’s sunlight that does the damage, not water. Every piece of equipment in your pool filter cover is designed to be individually waterproof and rainwater will do it no harm at all, even the electric power points are, by law, especially designed to be waterproof. So, while a filter cover will keep everything pretty much dry, it’s just a nice side benefit.

Getting the right fit:

When we started in this business many moons ago, we realised very quickly that having a few standard, off-the-shelf sizes just wouldn’t do because every pool is built and landscaped differently. After having spent some serious dollars on ‘the backyard pool of your dreams’ as the brochures say, you don’t want to be confined to some off-the-shelf pool filter box that may or may not fit or suit. This is why we custom design every pool pump enclosure to suit your pool area, so it will look great while still giving your pool equipment the protection it needs.

Making it easy:

As a small local business, we pride ourselves on the excellent service we provide to you our customers. We don’t just sell you a product, we will spend time discussing what you want and make lots of suggestions to fine tune your ideas into an efficient solution as a pool pump enclosure. We will be with you from idea to installation. Oh yes, we can install it for you as well.

Making it last:

Our pool filter covers are made from high quality Australian Aluminium with Stainless Steel Gas Struts and Stainless Steel Hinges. This is something you won’t need to replace in your lifetime (no matter how young you are!). We build our pool filter enclosures with great skill, great care and enormous pride…we like what we do and we are proud of what we make.

So, an investment in one of our filter covers is a wise decision that pays off in the long run. Again, it will do it’s job really, really well and look fantastic while doing it. Give us a call today!

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