Australian Pool Filter Covers


Most frequent questions and answers

What does a Cover cost?

Obviously price varies with size so Click here to send us your details and we can send you back an exact price.

What about freight?

We flat-pack and send all over Australia. Freight depends on size and where you live. We’ll give you an exact price on your quote.

Can I assemble it myself?

Yes. Assembly is v-v-very easy. All you need is a phillips screwdriver to put in about 8’s Ikea made easy!

Can you assemble it for me?

Sure we can, if you live betweenn Sunshine Coast and Ballina, talk to us about it when you call.

How long before it is delivered?

We generally have about a 2 week turnaround to build your cover. If it is to be Powder coated in a colour other than White, then this will add about another 2 weeks as well. This also varies with season so we’ll talk to you about dates at order time.


I’ve got pipes coming out sideways. Is this a problem?

Not for us. We specialise in the ‘difficult stuff’. We regularly make cutouts for downpipes and conduit etc. It’s no problem at all.
Just talk to us and we will guide you through the measurements you need to give us.

How long will my Aluminium Cover last?

Aluminium cannot rust (there’s no iron in it, it’s aluminium) It can’t rot (it’s not organic) It’s powder coated as added protection so these covers are a ‘once-only’ product. I cannot envisage any circumstance where you will ever need to replace it.

What is the Cover made of?

Our Aluminium covers are made with, well, aluminium. High quality Australian aluminium powder coated to look great and last forever!
We use Stainless Steel Gas Struts, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Ball bearing Hinges, and aluminium rivets.

Is it guaranteed?

Most definitely! We provide a 5 year warranty on all materials and our workmanship.
We know we make a great product and we are happy to back it!

Does it have a Back?

Not usually. Most pumps and filters are against the house wall or a fence so a back is not necessary.
If however you need one, no problem…we can do it. We will let you know when we see your photos.

I notice you use Rivets instead of welding. Why?

The majority of the covers we build are White and the white aluminium comes to us already powder coated so if we welded it, the welding would melt the white coating and look ‘pretty ordinary’ to make a gross understatement.

For what it’s worth, we’ve never had a cover fail (although we did miss a rivet once!)

Can I get opening doors instead of the Barn door front?

Sure, no problem. But we will try hard to talk you our of it.

We used to make all our covers with a pair of front doors but the problem with doors is they need a ‘bulkhead’ across the top of them.

This dooms you to forever climbing over the bulkhead or bending to crawl under it.

Our barn door system gives you easy, unencumbered access from knee height all the way to the back. By the way, the front lift off panel only weighs about 3 kilos!